About Us

Fast Green Racing INC., Parent Company

The Atlas Trail Series

As our name implies, we are a race directing company which puts a strong emphasis on eco friendly practices at the forefront of all the competitive events we produce. As leaders in the industry, we will never print needless fliers and we will always discuss the potential harmful effects our activities will have on the local and global environments. Here is a brief list of just some of our green initiatives;

  • 100% paperless marketing
  • 100% cupless races* (heck it is a goal)
  • 100% paperless registration
  • Locally sourced awards
  • Locally sourced vendors (i.e barricades, port a potties etc…)
  • LNT-Leave No Trace practices on course

and many more.


To create a world class multi day off road running event series in the most picturesque locations on earth. We are the first to create an event that allows runners to traverse forty to fifty miles of already existing trail networks over a three day period, while providing an all inclusive fee from the moment the athlete arrives to the moment they leave. Our competitive and exciting events attract athletes from around the globe. We strive to create safe courses that drive seasoned athletes to new limits and to inspire new runners to surpass their expectations.

Race Directors

  • Ben DeWitt – As the founder of Atlas and many other races around the country, Ben brings a wide range of  racing and race directing experience to the table. From the small 100 person 5k, to 5000+ participant events, to the World Championship level, he knows what each athlete is going through and fights to give them the best possible race experience.


  • Marty O’Malia – Hailing from the retail/ corporate world with a background in bike racing Marty knows how to get the job done. His racing, work and race directing experience has provided him a unique perspective into how events are managed and he uses that knowledge to create a streamlined and all inclusive event for the participants. Watch for him being the one lifting the heavy equipment on race week.