Atlas Camp Life

Camp Life – Your Home Away From Home with Atlas!

At every Atlas Series event, there will be a mini city set up by the Atlas crew equipped with all the creature comforts of home. At this “Main Hub” you will be able to socialize with friends and family and relax from that day’s epic trail run. You will also enjoy the Atlas night life where you can star gaze, watch movies or hangout around the community bonfire. The Main Hub is open to the public. Access to areas like Recovery Zone and sleeping tents will be available only to those who are registered.

Suggestions for Camp Life:

  • Make friends with your neighbors
  • Explore the Main Hub and familiarize yourself with the layout
  • Locate: Bathrooms, Start/Finish Line, Food tent, and Recovery Zone.
  • Locate: Vendor and Sponsor booths, (so you can keep going back to take advantage of what they are offering you)

Camp Activities to Look Forward to

  • A recap video every evening after the awards ceremony
  • Daily recognition ceremony of the top runners
  • Beer Garden – beer tickets will sold at the event store- those registered as VIP receive 4 tickets
  • Vendors and sponsors hooking you up with the best stuff
  • Race Store
  • Star Gazing
  • Communal Bonfires
  • Massages
  • Music
  • Food
  • Clinics from the industry leaders
  • Social get together every evening
  • and much more!!!

Recovery Zone

This area will house a variety of recovery tools, including bands, foam rollers, stretch out area, and Fluid recovery drinks/products. Elevated legs will have 8 stations for runners to get industry leading recovery. Passes will be available at the event $30 per day or $75 for all three days. This area is only available to registered runners.

Main Tent

This 80×100 foot tent will be where breakfast lunch and dinner will be served. A recap video featuring the highlights of that stage will be shown just after dinner. Relive the emotions and adrenalin of Atlas Stage Racing. Following the recap video a feature movie will be shown. If watching a movie isn’t your idea of a goodtime come outside to our communal bonfires where outdoor enthusiasts can bond over the epic trails we all experienced. At the end of the weekend the Main Tent will house awards ceremonies.

Osprey Experience Zone

Come hang out here. This area will be made possible by our top sponsors. This area will provide hammocks and couches to hang out in. Games and challenges throughout the day. Large area to throw around some Frisbees. There might even be some yoga classes available in the early evening. Osprey will have space to show latest products and product demos. This area is open to spectators and runners.



Local and regional vendors will come out and showcase what they have to offer. This area is open to spectators and runners.

Respect Please

We are after all a competitive event, so we must ask that every one show respect to those trying to sleep and keep to the quiet hour at 10:30 pm.


Have any suggestions for making camp more fun? We would love to hear them. Reach us by CLICKING HERE