Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not very fast; do you think I’ll be last?

Atlas Trail Series is a competitive event for some of the participants registered. There is also another element that is focused on comradery and experience of epic scenery and breathtaking views we should all enjoy. So come ready to push yourself but we will never leave you out on the course.

How well are the courses marked?

Courses will be marked by our expert team of trail designers. They are experienced and will make sure there are Course Marshals at any intersection that could even remotely be considered confusing. Use common sense and pay attention to your surroundings. Read the course routes beforehand carefully.

What type of shoes should I wear?

Most participants run in whatever they train in for the road. Some of the trails can be rocky or even steep. For this reason, we would recommend trail running shoes if you have them. Remember to bring something comfortable you can wear around camp also. If the trails are wet or muddy it would be wise to bring a spare set of running shoes.

What if I can’t finish that day(s) stage?

If a runner cannot complete the day(s) stage they are still eligible to race the next day (presuming, they registered). That runner will no longer be eligible for placing or awards but can choose to complete whatever stages they signed up for. If a relay partner cannot complete the day(s) stage the partner has the ability to run their half of the stage(s) they registered for. They can also choose to pay an upgrade processing fee $50 for one day or $100 for two days and can be moved to the open category and run the whole length of each stage day. Any of our aide station volunteers who are staged throughout the course will be glad to bring you back once their appointed task has been completed. Some of these trails are remote and difficult to just come pick you up. If you can’t finish because of an injury, make sure a course marshal or volunteer is notified and we will get you the necessary help.

Do I need to carry water?

This is a cup-less event. Meaning the aid stations will have the ability to fill up your own water storage (i.e. Osprey Hydration pack, Nalgene bottle, water bottle) or use the reusable cup provided at check in.

How far apart are the aid stations?

Most courses should allow placement of aid stations every 4-6 miles.

Why aren’t trail race entries allowed from those under 14?

We want to encourage kids to engage in fun activities such as Atlas. With the nature of the event and the distances that are being covered we feel it is unsafe to have anyone any younger than 14 out on the trails. 18 and over is preferred. Ages 14-17 may enter with letter from a doctor stating the child is properly trained and physically able to complete the day(s) he/she signs up for. Parent or guardian must accompany the child before the start and after the finish of each stage as well as overnight if camping. If the child stays overnight parent or guardian must purchase a day pass (per day, the child is racing) otherwise show proof the child is not staying overnight (i.e. hotel reservation off site)

Why can’t I bring my dog, bike, stroller, etc.?

The venues won’t allow dogs, bikes, skates, skateboards, motorized transport etc. If you’re not sure you can bring it, email the race director well in advance. If you bring it, you will be asked to keep it in your car. Obviously don’t lock your dog in the car for the weekend just not allowed into the venue. Many Atlas Events use single track and double track trails and there are already problems when it comes to passing let’s not have other obstacles in the way of the athletes, it’s dangerous. As regards to the main hub if the terrain permits you may bring strollers in. These rules are more regulated for the runner’s safety out on the course.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to run the distance of Atlas. Can I run a shorter distance?

The best option is to convince a friend to join you and both sign up for the relay. The Relay routes are the same full loops the elite/ open runners complete but you will only go to a predetermined “halfway point.” This is where your partner can take over for you. A shuttle will bring you back to camp where you can cheer them on. If you are not prepared to run 5 to 12 miles stay home and keep training. We would love to see you next year.

What kind of food can I expect at the aid stations? How about the finish?

Aid Stations:

  • Gels
  • Water
  • Electrolyte sports drink
  • Pretzels
  • Candy, simple carbohydrates
  • More info when possible.

Finish Line:

  • Gels
  • Water
  • Electrolyte sports drink
  • Pretzels
  • Candy, simple carbohydrates
  • Lunch will follow shortly after majority of the racers finish.

Will there be a photographer on the course? Where can I access the pictures after the race?

Yes, there will be several. Our goal is for you to have access to awesome photos that you can share with friends and family. These pictures will be available on our website after the event.

What are your Deferrals/Transfers/Refund Policies?


Deferrals and event to event transfers are permitted up to two months from the start of the event for medical issues only. A doctor note is required. The transfer is good for any Atlas Trail Series event within 12 months, excluding world championships. A 50.00 transfer fee will be assessed. Use this link to defer.


Person to person transfers are permitted up to two months out from the event start date. Please use this link to help whoever is taking your spot. A $50 transfer fee will be assessed.


Please email Race Director for refunds
Within 24 hours of registering 100% refund
Up until 6 months out from event weekend 50% refund
Up until 3 months out from event weekend 25% refund
Less than 3 months out from event weekend no refund

Can I edit my registration? I.E. upgrade/downgrade Down grade/upgrade:

Upgrades or downgrades will be allowed up until two weeks out from event start date. Upgrades will be accommodated for the person who pays the difference at current registration window. Meaning if you registered six months out and a month out from the event you want to upgrade that difference is what current registration is selling for not what you paid six months out. Use the following links to edit your registration

Downgrades are permitted but no refunds will be given.

How do I verify my registration?

All registered participants will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of registering. If you did not get a confirmation use the following links to verify your registration.

What will the weather be like?

We don’t know, look it up the weather forecast.

What do I get with a VIP pass?

  • Bag service at check in. Volunteers will carry and show you to your tent after check in
  • 4 Beer Tickets
  • Separate sleeping area (depending on venue)
  • Closer Bathrooms
  • Access to the “Experience Zone” two hours before the rest of the guest can have access. (experience zone subject to change depending on sponsors at each event)
  • And much more….


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