What To Expect

Your Running Weekend Experience

Atlas Trail Series race is a three-day trail running event. Each event will feature 40–50 miles of picturesque trails, broken up into attainable chunks over three days. At the end of each run day participants will have the chance recover with a healthy lunch and some time spent in our Recovery Zone. Atlas Camp Life will offer many enjoyable activities to participate in; as well as overnight camping experience that will build friendships with those that have the same passion for running.

Whether you are a seasoned trail runner or half marathon road runner you will find these courses challenging but still attainable. If three days of back to back trail runs averaging 10 to 15 miles seems a little rough for you, well, we haven’t left you out. Take advantage of our relay option where you and a friend can tackle each day’s stage together. Can’t get here for all three days or want to dip your toe in the pool before you dive in, sign up for our single and two-day options as well. We want you to keep trying, eventually pushing yourself to complete the whole weekend. Once you have mastered a typical weekend here at Atlas you can push yourself further to compete in our point series which will cumulate in a Series World Championship. That event is later in 2018, so you will have plenty of time to train and gain points… right now it’s time to sign up and run strong!

Course Design

It’s not Atlas unless there are guaranteed beautiful views!!! We select our courses very carefully. We work very hard to design a course that is challenging enough but approachable to almost any one who can comfortably run a half marathon or further. With Atlas events, we strive to create three-day events. No matter where the venues are, course distances should be similar. The first day will be the shortest run for the participants. We like to think of it as a warm-up day, typically between 10-15 miles. Day two will be the longest but not necessarily the most challenging day spanning 15–20 miles. The third day will be considered the medium day averaging 13–17 miles. We will work hard in our course design to make each day’s stage is a loop. We want to provide something different each time our participants set foot on the course. Sometimes due to logistics, we will have point to point stages, but only if a looping course cannot be made safely.

Photo Ops

Photographers will be throughout the courses every day to capture the beauty and fun you are having. They will always be free for digital download available after the event for you to keep and share with your friends. Every day we will have our photographers and videographers out there capturing all the fun. Every evening towards the end of the night, we will show the day’s highlight reel.

Aid Stations

Aid on course will be minimal due to access. The distance between aid stations will vary from course to course. Some sort of hydration system is always required on course. These aid stations will be your only opportunity to refill or refuel out on course. Most courses will have aid stations place approximately half way through the course. Where permitted every 6 – 8 miles. An aid station will have water to refill and food with basic first aid also available. We will have course monitors and safety personnel should anything arise.

Typical Atlas Trail Series Day Timeline


If you are participating in all three days, you will arrive at the race venue of your choice late Thursday afternoon. It is here that you will get your bib, your packet, swag and tent space assignments. This will allow you the proper time to check-in and get comfortable at your home away from home.

After you have picked up your race packet we will have volunteers help you find your tent. You’ll be able to unpack and relax. You’ll have time to explore the Main Hub, locate the bathrooms and showers, food/awards tent, and the expo area. The first night we’ll serve a light dinner and get to know one another.


Each morning participants will have a chance to warm up and grab some breakfast. 6:30 am breakfast will start and finish up around 7:45am. By 8:00 am runners will be staged according to their category and it’s off to the trails. Timing/GPS devices will help keep track of all participants, as well as providing accurate results for each runner. These devices must be worn out on the course at all times.


The finish line will almost always be right next to the Main Hub. It is an awesome location for friends and family to hang out and watch you as you come across the finish line with a huge smile on your face from the amazing views you just experienced. Race times will be recorded each day, adding to your cumulative time for the whole weekend. At the end of each stage, runners will have a chance to eat lunch and stretch out in the Recovery Zone. The rest of your day is filled by our Atlas Camp Life.

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